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For electric gates and access control systems repair and service trust our experts. Our team provides professionals service and repair for all makes and brands of electric gates, parking garage access control systems, industrial electric gates, and residential community entries.

When your electric gate system needs repair, call us for smart, prompt service you can depend on.

A new electric gate can truly change the look of your home or business.

Whether you choose the beauty and safety of an iron automated driveway gate or the privacy and style of a motorized wooden swing gate, you will find it here.

We have everything from sleek and stylish steel automatic sliding gates to durable and customized vinyl automatic gates.

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Electric Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are a great option for homes and businesses alike. They are easy to use and don’t require a lot of space to open or close. They are low profile and are preferred by many gate owners.
Solid sliding gates are great for not only security but privacy as well. Just like any gate, sliding gates require maintenance and repair to keep them functioning at their best. These convenient gates provide security and protection in many different applications. They are a popular choice since they provide so many conveniences as well as the security. They are easy to fix and a professional can make repairs quickly and get you back in business soon.
Sliding gates offer a number of advantages over swing gates. A sliding gate requires less space, which allows the full length of the driveway to be usable for parking vehicles. It also offers higher security due to the stronger resistance to being pushed open than swing gates. Sliding gates will also work on an upward sloping driveway where a pair of swing gates would not be able to open inward.
​They are easy to work on as well since they are right at ground level. Their components are simple and wear well. Sliding gates operator repair may include simple mechanisms for manual gates.

Automatic Swing Gates

A swing gate is the most common style of residential gate.
A swing gate can be installed to swing in either direction, towards the home, or away from the home.
There are a couple of factors to keep in mind when deciding which direction you would like it to open. If you would like more usable room behind the gate, then having the gate open away from the home is the way to go. If your gate is in close proximity to a street or sidewalk, then swinging in towards the home would be the best scenario. Swing gates can be single swing up to about 16′ in length. When you exceed more than 16′ in length, it is highly recommend to have a dual swing gate.
Very similar to french doors, this type of swing gate opens both sides simultaneously, allowing for a much wider space to enter through.
The swing gate does require some more space since it swings open and closed, but given the space it needs, this gate is a very popular choice.
Swing gate operators can be manual or motor driven. They can be remote controlled, automated, or even controlled by a phone. There are many elements to a swinging gate that need to be cared for so that they function in top condition.
Regular maintenance can avoid repair problems and emergencies with a swing gate.

Wooden Gates

Wood gates are an excellent addition to the appearance of any home or business. They provide clients with a natural look to their residential or commercial property. We have a large selection of wood styles to choose from including, mahogany, cedar, and redwood. You will leave a long-lasting impression on your neighbors or customers with a nice wood gate.

Wrought Iron Gates and Fences

Wrought iron gates are not only a great way to provide added beauty to your home or business, but also provide an added level of security while maintaining the look you would like to have. All of our projects are built with a professional level of craftsmanship with excellent products that will keep your iron gate looking good and extend the life of the gate.
There is something special about wrought iron gates & fences.  They have a way of adding charm and grace to any property. Perhaps, it is the superb craftsmanship of the iron itself or the rustic appeal the final product gives birth to.

Roll Up Gates

Roll up Gate systems are useful in many properties and are broadly used in commercial establishments.
Whether you need to secure your goods, cover the ventilation area, secure shopping malls, shops or office windows, you will certainly find a solution among manually operated security grills or storefronts and automatic roll ups. If you are confused, you can surely have the full assistance of the special teams at with us.
We provide excellent solutions and definitely excellent rolling gates installations and repair services.

​​Gate Openers / Operators

When purchasing a new automatic gate opener, there are several options to consider. The most obvious choice lies in selecting between an operator that opens the gate by sliding it to the side or swinging it outwards.
If you’re trying to power a gate that is currently far away from a power source, a solar gate opener is a great option that will prevent you from going through the hassle of having to run power to your gate.
Most standard-sized driveway gates that are only opened a few times each day are good candidates for solar gate openers.
The second thing to consider is how much power is needed to reliably open and close your gate?
That answer is dependent upon the size of your gate, how it opens, and how many times it needs to open each day.
Technology has brought many potentials and possibilities to the residential access control unit of today.
Options range from opening gates by telephone to radio entry systems to ultra-sophisticated data-entry systems readily customizable to meet specific convenience and security wants and needs.
These sorts of systems are very popular in large cities in California.
However, they are also quite practical and popular in the more suburban and rural outlying areas as well.
We has a long list of satisfied residential access control unit clients in the US.


One of the major things that most commercial and residential building owners look for in gates companies is affordability.
This is very understandable. It is the reason that has driven us to have a service that gives you a quote, estimating the amount of all the work that will be done on your garage doors. This will ensure that you can compare and contrast the quote for the same amount of work with other competitors.​​

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